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Software AUTOSKETCH für Windows 1.02 Windows 1.0 AutoSketch is a 2D vector drawing program by Autodesk. It is less powerful than Autodesks AutoCAD and does not support 3D models. AutoSketch uses SKD and SKF, in later versions, as its native format[citation needed], but can support DWG and DXF. Version 2.1 for Windows supported macros which has been removed in later versions. The original version of Microsoft Windows, which was announced in late 1983 and introduced in late 1985. Windows 1.0 was a DOS application that provided a rather awkward graphical interface and windowing environment. Its MS-DOS Executive was the launching pad for applications that were displayed in side-by-side windows that could not be overlapped with each other. Windows 1.0 included a clipboard, calendar, clock, control panel, Notepad editor, Windows Write and Windows Paint, but it was not very popular. See Windows and Windows 2.0. Quelle:http:/encyclopedia.thefreedictionary.com/AutoSketch