Apple Classic II


The Apple Macintosh Classic II (also known as the Performa 200) replaced the Macintosh SE/30 in the compact Macintosh line in 1991. Like the SE/30, the Classic II was powered by a 16 MHz Motorola 68030 CPU and 40 or 80 MB hard disk, but in contrast to its predecessor, it was limited by a 16-bit data bus (the SE/30 had a 32-bit data bus) and a 10 MB memory ceiling. While the Classic II shares a case with the earlier Classic, rchitecturally it is more similar to the Macintosh LC. The use of custom ICs, identical to those used in the LC, enabled the Classic II to have a lower component count than older Macs. Unlike the LC and the SE/30 before it, the Classic II did not have an internal PDS expansion slot, making it the first slotless desktop Macintosh since the Macintosh Plus. There were two Classic II cases. Later models came with a speaker grille on the left side for enhanced sound (as pictured). The Classic II was the last black-and-white compact Macintosh. It was also the last desktop Macintosh to include a floppy disk port. Apple discontinued support for the Classic II on January 1, 2001. Quelle: wikipedia