MS-DOS ver. 4.01 (GER), 5.0


MS-DOS 4.x (IBM-developed) – includes a graphical/mouse interface. It had many bugs and compatibility issues.[22] Version 4.00 (OEM) - First version to support a single hard disk partition that is greater than 32 MiB and up to a maximum size of 2 GiB (SHARE.EXE was required to be loaded to access these partitions).[23] Version 4.01 (OEM) – Microsoft rewritten Version 4.00 released under MS-DOS label but not IBM PC-DOS. First version to introduce volume serial number when formatting hard disks and floppy disks (Disk duplication also[24] and when using SYS to make a floppy disk or a partition of a hard drive bootable).[25] Version 4.01a (OEM) MS-DOS 5.x Version 5.0 (Retail) – includes a full-screen editor. A number of bugs required re issue. First version to support 3.5 inch, 2.88 MB floppy drives and diskettes. Hard disk partitions greater than 32 MiB and up to a maximum size of 2 GiB no longer required SHARE.EXE to be loaded in order to access them. Support was now provided by the MS-DOS kernel.[23] AST Premium Exec DOS 5.0 (OEM) - a version for the AST Premium Exec series of notebooks with various extensions, including improved load-high and extended codepage support[citation needed] Version 5.0a (Retail) – With this release, IBM and Microsoft versions diverge. Version 5.0.500 (WinNT) – All Windows NT 32-bit versions ship with files from DOS 5.0 je 2 Disketten Quelle: Wikipedia


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