Festplatte Seagate, Model St - 157N


SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY, INC. 1-800-SEAGATE, http://www.seagate.com, (C)opyright 1991,ST-157N SCSI SCSI Connector A Resistor Termination Packs,Parity Check enable, Not Used, Drive ID\\\'s, ID 0 (none) for single drive system, UNFORMATTED CAPACITY (MB) 57, FORMATTED CAPACITY (26 SECTORS) (MB) 48.6, ACTUATOR TYPE STEPPER, TRACKS 3,678, CYLINDERS 615, HEADS 6, DISCS 3, MEDIA TYPE THIN FILM RECORDING METHOD RLL (2,7), TRANSFER RATE (mbits/sec) 7.5, SPINDLE SPEED (RPM) 3,600, AVERAGE LATENCY (mSEC) 8.3, BUFFER 2 Kbyte, INTERFACE _SCSI, SECTORS PER DRIVE 94,860, TPI (TRACKS PER INCH) 824, BPI (BITS PER INCH) 22,430, AVERAGE ACCESS (ms) 40/28*,SINGLE TRACK SEEK (ms) 8, MAX FULL SEEK (ms) /70, MTBF (power-on hours) 150,000, POWER REQUIREMENTS: +12V START-UP (amps) _2.0, +12V TYPICAL (amps) __0.35, +5V TYPICAL (amps) 0.9, TYPICAL (watts) 9, MAXIMUM (watts) 29, BUFFERED STEP PULSE RATE (micro sec) 3-200, WRITE PRECOMP (cyl) N/A (616), REDUCED WRITE CURRENT (cyl) N/A (616), LANDING ZONE (cyl) AUTO PARK, IBM AT DRIVE TYPE 0 or NONE, *ST157N-0/ST157N-1, Seagate reserves the right to change, without notice, product offerings or specifications. (6/26/90)


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