Laptop toshiba T1800


Toshiba T1800 20 MHz Intel 386 SX, coprocessor socket; 2 MB standard RAM, expandable to 10 MB; LIM-EMS 4.0 support; 40 or 60 MB hard disk; 9.5\" STN monochrome screen with 64 grey scales.Product Specifications Diskette Drive, 3.5\" 720 KB/ 1.44 MB; media type checking. Display, 9.5\" diagonal; 640 x 480 dot resolution. Graphics, VGA compatible; 16 colours or grey scales in 640 x 480 pixels; 256 colours or 64 grey scales in 320 x 200 pixels. Interfaces, Parallel/FDD; serial; external colour monitor; numeric keypad; PS/2 mouse port. Expansion,Communications slot for modem, fax/modem or ISDN. Keyboard, 84 keys; 12 function keys; 8 cursor keys in inverted \"T\" layout; integrated numeric keypad. Battery Type/Life Removable NiCd; T1800/T1850: 2.5-5.0 hours; T1850C: 2.5-3.5 hours (depending on conditions of use). Power Supply, Autosensing 100-240 V AC adaptor for world-wide usage. Toshiba Special Features: HardRAM; AutoResume; AutoSave; Flash BIOS, Pop-up Menu. Power Management: Toshiba MaxTimeTM Power Management; Advanced Power Management. Security: Power-on password; Kensington cable lock provision. Size T1800/T1850: 30 x 5.7 x 21.4 cm (11.8\" x 2.2\" x 8.4\"). Weight T1800/T1850: 3.1 kg (6.8 lb). Options Carrying case; MS DOS 5.0; 2, 4, 8 MB memory cards; key caps for European languages; external numeric keypad; external keyboard adapter; 5.25\" diskette drive; extra AC adaptor; extra battery pack; car adaptor; battery charger; Express-Writer portable printer. Round at the edges, a new design for style and stability. The 84-key keyboard has 12 function keys and responds perfectly to the touch. The large, bright screen allows you to take colour with you. A sliding door is built into the computer case to protect interfaces. Power and performance. Based on 386 technology with speeds of either 20 or 25 MHz, these Toshiba notebooks offer an affordable platform for all the latest applications. The T 1800 comes with either a 40 or 60 MB hard disk; the T1850 and T1850C give you the choice between an 80 or 120 MB hard disk. RAM starts with a standard 2 MB on the T1800 and 4 MB on the T1850 and T1850C, enough even for memory-hungry Windows applications. If you happen to need more, you can expand your memory simply and easily, thanks to the 2, 4, or 8 MB credit-card-sized expansion cards. Longer battery life. Toshiba pioneered power management in notebook computers. The T1800 and TI850 carry on this tradition with up to five hours of battery life* - about an hour more than most notebooks. How did we do it? Several years ago Toshiba started developing its own power-saving ASIC chips and technology. Called MaxTimeTM Power Management, this concept is implemented on all Toshiba notebooks. Additionally, on these notebooks we\\\'ve supplemented Toshiba MaxTimeTM Power Management with the new, industry-standard Advanced Power Management (APM). This combination of power-saving features gives the Toshiba user longer battery life today, and support for the future when a whole range of software programs will make the most of APM. Looking good, feeling good. These notebooks will reflect your high standards. Softer at the edges, the elegant Toshiba styling makes your notebook nicer to look at, easier to carry and less likely to get knocked about when you\\\'re on the road. This comfort extends to other features too. The Toshiba keyboard is a result of customer feedback. It has perfect tactile response, yet is so quiet it won\\\'t distract those around you. You also get 84 full-sized sculptured keys, including 12 function keys and a convenient set of 8 cursor keys in the preferred inverted \\\"T\\\" layout. Another highlight is the screen. Toshiba screens are large and easy to read. They\\\'re 9.5 inches across the diagonal, have excellent brightness and contrast, and can be tilted to any angle you want, where they stay in position. Quality - right down to the last detail. You\\\'ll find many of the same special details on these affordable notebooks as on our more advanced models. An internal slot gives you the same advanced communications options such as modem, fax and ISDN. With Toshiba AutoResume you can turn off your computer at any time and not lose your place. It\\\'s like an electronic bookmark. And if your battery happens to run down, Toshiba AutoSave will automatically save your data. BIOS is implemented in flash memory. So if an update is ever required, Flash BIOS lets you do it yourself easily. You also get double security from a power-on password feature and a built-in provision for the optional Kensington cable lock. Reliability that Toshiba guarantees. Toshiba\\\'s advanced technology ensures that you get real value and quality you can trust. Not only that, it\\\'s quality that comes guaranteed. The Toshiba International Warranty is just another reason why Toshiba leads the world in mobile computing. Quelle: