Drucker KODAK DICONIX 150Plus


Diconix 150+ (Plus) and the 381 Application : Diconix 150+ (Plus) Vendor : Eastman Kodak Platform : Serial Printer Version : NA Cabling : MA58-75 (interface kit) Notes : Select the Diconix, I/O preset in the densitometer. Ensure that the DIP switches are properly set on the printer. DIP switches are located inside the top cover on the left hand side. Quelle:https://www.xrite.com/product_overview.aspx?ID=98&Action=support&SupportID=2348 This printer was unique in a couple of ways. It was a Kodak brand (I am not sure what printers they made, but I know they were selling copiers around 2001). It used a standard ink that was for HP or Cannon printers. It used plain paper or tracter feed paper. The roller that the paper would roll around was hollow inside and it could accept standard D batteries. One series limitation: it could only print seven inches across. This works fine when you need 1 inch margins. I used this in college with my Tandy 1500HD laptop. Many term papers were printed on this little printer and it did a really good job for a couple of years. I replaced it in 1995 with an HP Deskwriter 600 that I bought with my Mac Performa 6116CD (aka PowerMac 6100). Quelle: http://www.429bauhaus.no-ip.com/Printers/KodakDiconix150.htm