The MPF-I/88 is the most evoluated system of the MPF learning tools computers specifically designed for use in the teaching of microprocessors, microelectronics, and control technology. The MPF-I/88 main purpose is to teach the Intel 8088 microprocessor. Unlike its small brothers (MPF-1B, MPF-1 Plus and Microkit 09), the MPF-I/88 offers a real full-stroke keyboard and a nice 2-lines LCD display. In fact the system can manage virtual screen of 24 lines. It is then possible to scroll the display up & down by pressing ALT+A/Z. Next to the LCD display are a RESET button and two small lights labeled HOLD and AUDIO. HOLD indicates when the CPU execute the HLT instruction which holds the system. AUDIO is lit when audio signal is passing through the tape interface. Monitor, Assembler and Disassembler are built-in the system. There are 192 symbols and characters, designed on a 5x7 pixels grid. Three ROM slots can be found on the motherboard. Only one is used when you buy the computer, but you can use different ROM chipsets if you want, for a maximum of 48 KB (3 x 16 KB). When the computer is turned on you can create/edit/run programs with the Assembler, or you can set break points to analyse memory and registers content all along the execution process. You can of course also load/save your programs through the tape interface. Quelle: PRICE 3995 F (France, dec. 1986)