Mechanische Rechenmaschine Feliks M


Vierspezies-Maschine,Hersteller: Stschetmasch Kursk,Felix M (ca. 1960), System Sprossenrad, Rechenwerk , Simplexmaschine, Stellenzahl, 9 x 8 x 13, Eingabe mit Einstellhebel, Ausgabe mit Anzeigeeinrichtung, Antrieb Handkurbel, Löschen Schlitten: manuell, einzeln / Flügelmuttern, Rechenablauf ohne Automatik, Werteverarbeitung: 2-stufig, Maße 16,2 x 32,3 x 13,0 cm Gewicht: 3,4 kg Quelle: Der Name \"Felix\" oder \"Feliks\" ist nicht der Name einer Firma. Vielmehr wurden nach der Sowjetischen Revolution einige Firmen dem Genossen Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky gewidmet. Beispiel: Mechanitscheski Sawod Dserschinskowo in Moskau Willgodt T. Odhner, was born in Sweden and studied at the Royal Institute of Technology, but did not graduate. He moved to St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1868 and took a supervisory position at a factory run by Ludwig Nobel (Alfreds older, less famous brother). In 1874, he invented the arithmometer,also called the pinwheel calculator, and opened a factory there. Odhner died in 1905 and his sons ran the factory until 1917 when the Bolsheviks nationalized everything in sight. Odhners sons retreated to Sweden and opened a new factory; the factory in St. Petersburg seems to have lain fallow during the social upheavals of the early Soviet Union. Odhners calculators are highly sought-after collectibles today. In 1924, Felix Dzerzhinsky, the head of the Cheka (forerunner of the KGB), moved the factory into the basement of the secret police headquarters and commenced manufacturing calculators again. Dzerzhinsky understood that a basic, inexpensive, computational capability was necessary to grow the economy. The calculators he had built were made of cheaper materials and lacked some parts the Odhners included to make work easier. But Dzerzhinskys calculators worked, and his factory built them for over fifty years. They are moderately sought-after collectibles today. Whether moved by Dzerzhinskys initiative, in honor of the invention of the Soviet Knockoff, or cowed by his government position, the the employees of his factory dubbed their calculator the Felix. In 1948, the Soviet factory Schetmash, in Kursk, took over the production of the calculator. The Felix Model M shown here is a descendant of those calculators, probably made in the early 1960s. Price: 15 rubles. Felix Dzerzhinsky was nicknamed Iron Felix for his revolutionary zeal (and his short way of handling counterrevolutionary elements). (Presumably) after Dzerzhinskys death, the calculator took on the formers nickname. Iron Felix, in this case, undoubtedly referred only to the all-metal construction of the machines. Quelle: , besucht 27.2.2012 Odhner-Maschine Video: Eine 3D-Animation unter oder oder


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